Are we robots?

tomatoDo we really have the slightest clue why we feel, think and do what we do?

For example, do you like tomatoes? You either do or you don’t. But do you know why? Nope.

So what’s not like that?

Everything we do is governed by two primal instincts: pleasure (seeking it) and pain (avoiding it). Of course what we consider “pleasure” and “pain” varies widely, but the principle holds.

Are you religious or not? Either way, you can probably cite a bunch of intellectual reasons, but it’s an emotion-driven choice. That’s why people can argue religion till they’re blue in the face and not budge an inch.

People even kill each other over religion. Yes, even here in the 21st century. Yet those same people would consider it a waste of time to try to convince each other that they should like or dislike tomatoes. Go figure.


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